To Travel Without Any Certain Destination- s/t (Signifier)

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To Travel Without Any Certain Destination is the new project from Manos Chrisovergis, the man behind Hands Productions acts Libido Formandi and Last Days of S.E.X. Taking inspiration from the exploration of urban areas, differing cultures, and the works of various artists and writers, Chrisovergis invokes the concept of psychogeography, inviting the listener to turn a casual exploration of the urban landscape into one filled with meaning and awareness.

To Travel Without Any Certain Destination creates an insightful and surrealistic soundscape replete with the lush interplay of field recordings, tribal rhythms, glitch and breaks and isolated guitar elements. This is a full aural experience which challenges the listener to unabashedly cross the threshold from casual observer to full participant.
Features 11 tracks plus remixes by L'ombre, Contagious Orgasm, and hyDrone. Mastered by Rob Lioy of Access To Arasaka
1. ruins of a naked city
2. stranger in common places
3. by no means (of transportation) necessary
4. the rest
5. urban isolation
6. going to places you're not supposed to go
7. while others dream
8. let the night embraced by fire
9. guided by city vibes
10. being lost
11. she lures me into another universe
12. let the night embraced by fire (contagious orgasm remix)
13. going places you are not supposed to go (l'ombre remix)
14. let the night embraced by fire (hydrone remix)
Music and photography by Manos Chrisovergis
Design by mirrormachine
Mastered by Rob Lioy
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