NXV- Bridging Divisions (Signifier)

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Nick Viola, Los Angeles based visual effects designer, electronic music composer, and self described “highly functioning misanthrope” began writing as NXV in 2006. Also known within the power noise community for his Fractured Transmission project, Viola keeps quite busy writing and performing under both monikers.

Having spent the last several years perfecting the unrestrained sound that NXV will become known for, Viola is poised to unleash the project’s debut album, “Bridging Divisions”, featuring thirteen pressure building tracks that assertively meander through eerily edged broken beats and the grinding dub influenced sound of the moment. Residing somewhere on the spectrum between Photek and Neurosis, NXV exploits the space between melody and texture and manipulates it into an unapologetic sound intended to blast apart genre barriers.

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Track listing:
1. Wavering
2. Cetra
3. Blind
4. Symbiotic
5. InversionDUB
6. Nerve
7. Remnants
8. Scorn
9. Subtravert
10. The Air is Wrong
11. Wounds
12. Undercurrent
13. Inversion 
Written by Nick Viola
Art and Design by Nick Viola
Mastered by Jeff Swearengin
Copyright Signifier 2012
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